Head of the Hajj mission to inspect the pilgrims of the martyr's families at their residence

The head of the Hajj mission to AL-Shuhadaa Foundation inspected the convoys of the martyr's families, wounded and injured in their residence in Medina, and familiarized themselves with their residences and the services provided.

The president


Delivery of financial letter to construction companies by the vice president of the Foundation

The Vice-President of the Foundation, Mr. Kazem awed, handed over a number of financial letter companies legal entitlements of 30% of the total amount submitted to the Ministry of Planning in 2016 for the companies implementing the investment plan projects.


The Ministry of Labour opens the presentation for the Martyr's families in the Loan Fund program

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has  given order for Martyr's families of martyrs wishing to submit to the Loan Fund program.

The training and employment service has completed the loan procedures for the victims of martyrs within


Pilgrims of Martyr's families visit Historic Places in Medina

After visiting the Prophet's Mosque, the tomb of the Great Apostle and the Imams of the martyr's families. The convoys of the pilgrims went to visit the historic and sacred places in Medina.

The Media delegation's has revealed


The National Center for the Documentation of the crimes of resurrection is looking with al-Kazimi

The director of the Baath Party crime Documentation Centre, Mr. Ahmed, met with Mr. Moin Al-Kazimi, chairman of the Committee for the commemoration Ways to cooperate towards the common goal of commemorating, and documenting the Speicher massacre.


The representative of the Association of Banks has thanks the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation

Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi discussed with the representative of the Chairman of the Association of Iraqi private Banks, Mr. Nur al-Hanzal.  For new steps of cooperation and joint action between AL-Shuhadaa Foundation and the Association of Iraqi private