The Vice president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visit Al-Rusafa Martyrs Directorate

The Vice-president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visited the al-Rusafa Martyrs Directorate. During the visit, the mr. Kasim has been discussed the mechanism  that could help and service of Martyrs families services , and the work of the divisions and units


The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation is taking over the apartments in Samaaya for her beneficiaries

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, handed over the apartments of the Samaya to citizens with martyrs. For those who were not present to receive the "residential apartment" at the ceremony held at the foundation headquarters, last Sunday 27/May.


The Iraqi Armed Forces Martyrs ' Association extends its thanks and appreciation to the Director and staff of the Department of Victims of Terrorism

The Director general of the Department of Victims of Terrorism of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Tariq Al-Mandalawi, received the delegation of the Iraqi Army martyrs and wounded. During the meeting, the service was confirmed for this sacrifice, which made sacrifices


Al- shuhadaa Foundation agrees with the Baghdad Agriculture Directorate/RUSAFA to determine the plots of residential land for the martyrs

The President of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation agreed with the agriculture director of Baghdad, Abdulelah Qasim, to determine the plots of land in Baghdad Governorate.  However, she construction on that land should be in good places, specialize to distribute


Citizens ' Affairs section in a meeting with the Government Coordination Service of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers

The Citizens ' Affairs Section held a periodic meeting in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers , with the Government Coordination service. In the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Parties discussed the problems and obstacles


The Ministry of Labor decides to extinguish the debts caused by the martyr

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs directed, the debts of the martyr be extinguished and that they do not meet the salary of their relatives. The ministry has decided to exempt the people of martyrs who are beneficiaries of the martyr's salary