Al-Shuhadaa foundation announce a training course to developed its staff

According to Al-Shuhadaa foundation strategic to developed its staff by announcing a training course under the title (change). During to the Dr. Emad Fahd lecturer, human development skills give a lecture to develop employee's potential.



Al-Kafel Center for dental protection has receives martyrs families

Al-Kafel center has announced is ready to receive children of martyrs for treatment at the Center. The director center Mr. Ali Hassan has said ' the center has receives children of martyrs of all provinces under 12 years, 7 days a week, except Tuesday


President of Al-Shuhadaa Foundation receive Mr. Hassan Shber

The President Al-Shuhadaa Foundation with the leader of the Islamic Dawa party, Hassan Shber the martyrs financial of and the legal issues.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Shber has given to the president Al-Shuhadaa Foundation some group of documents


President of Al-shuhadaa foundation discussed with Radzi Abu Hasnah some cases of martyr's families

The president of Al-shuhadaa foundation has discussed with Mr. Deputy Messenger Radi Abu Hasnah the rights of martyrs to employs them in Iraqi ministries.
However, Mrs. Al-Summery has confirmed during the interview in the past years the budget


The President of the Al-shuhadaa Foundation agrees with the investors to build housing complexes for the families of martyrs and employees

The President of the Al-shuhadaa Foundation has discussed with the commercial director of the General Union for cooperation Kassem Solagh. In addition to, the chairman of the association of pioneers cooperative engineers Dr Farouk Al-Asadi, 'Investment


Cooperation between Najaf Martyrs Directorate and the Center of the Industrial Parties

The Directorate of Martyrs of Najaf announces the approval of the Center of the industrial parties to receive the wounded and wounded from the popular crowd and terrorist operations for treatment in the centre and provide the necessary support for those