Letter of Definition

We are the establishment of martyrs , It is the only governmental establishment in Iraq , which is taking care of the martyrs families, The victims of the former dictatorial Baathist regime and provides them the best services and ways to decent life in order to honor their Suffering and sacrifice provided by their relatives on the altar of the Freedom of Iraq.

The establishment linked to the low (No .3) issued by the national assembly in the year 2005 and ratified by the presidency in Iraq on 1 / 8 / 2006.

The Establishment , after having been able to achieve many achievements to the martyrs families seeks to achieve more objectives which was put to serve those families and to raise the name of Iraqi martyr also to explain and Internationalize his case by explain the definition of injustice, harm, displacement, torture, and killing that fell on the Iraqi people and the tools used by the dictatorial regime, which ruled Iraq and its people with iron and fire to destroy the free will of the Iraqi people.

The establishment was continuing its noble and humanitarian objectives in its letter to all the people of the earth to show the devastating consequences of the rule of dictatorship on the people and being a living example of these results represent tens of thousands of martyrs and their families.