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Martyrs Establishment Information holds the Second symposium on honesty

Under the banner of (anti- financial and administrative corruption, , is a moral and national duty)Culture and Information Department in the Martyrs Establishment established the Second symposium on the honesty, lectured in it the legal expert Mr. Sattar Al-Khuzaie, he explained the definition of administrative and financial corruption and its effects and symptoms, and methods to heal it, also were shown many of the documents that organize the work of honesty and the work of general inspectors in the various ministries of the State, so he has been answered the questions and queries the audience, then Mr. Ayoub Qasim the supervisor of the Information Department, thanked the audience first and touched the subject of honesty culture, and freedom of opinion, which represents the result of the sacrifices made by our martyrs, he stressed the support of the honesty in their work and conducted comparison between the corruption in the former era and New era that the ministers and officials can be interrogated, which is one of the virtues of national unity government this symposium was attended by officials of the martyr's Establishment.