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The judge Ureybi visits the Martyrs Establishment

His Excellency President of the martyrs Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad Khalaf received Mr. Mohammed Ureybi the judge in the Supreme Iraqi Criminal court, in the morning on Tuesday 1/9/2009, the president of the Establishment has discussed the need to educate the victims of the Baath current political status, especially the idea of opposite the Baath, which invites for removing all Baathists who have bloodstained hands from government departments, and victims sounds must be raised to defend the new Iraq, also to reveal the crimes of the former Baath according democratic law, on his side the judge Ureybi praised the significant role of Establishment, adding that the martyrs and political prisoners should be given priority in the appointment and getting the positions in state departments, he concluded his visit by touring in the Office of President of the Establishment and met with a group of families of the martyrs who were in office interacting with their issues and great thanks families which was submitted to the judge for his courage in dealing with the trial of executioners of the Iraqi people.