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Establishment signed a protocol with the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Iraqi Independence Day

In 30 of June, which coincided with the independence day of Iraq the first agreement has been signed between His Excellency the President of the Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abd al-Samad and the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Jassim Mohammed Jaafar with the presence of members of the care council Mr. Ayoub Qasim, Mrs. Utoor al-Musawi, the deputy of Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Esam Al-Diwan. This agreement comes in the ongoing efforts of the Establishment to provide better services to the families of the martyrs which depends on the responding of the ministries and state institutions in the application of the law of the Establishment and compensate them morally more than financially. worth mentioning is the real interaction of the Ministry of Youth and Sports which is represented by its minister and his readiness to serve the families of the martyrs and involve them in all activities like sports, cultural and scientific and share the young people from the sons of the martyrs in those activities because they were deprived from own of their rights in these fields under the rule of the former regime, addition our young people are the ones who will build the new Iraq, which was written by the blood of our innocent martyrs as the completion of the path of the martyrs, this agreement contained eleven items, the most important item is giving priority to the families of the martyrs in various fields.