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Supervisor of the Special Committee receives a delegation from the House of Representatives

Member of the care council and the supervisor of the Special Committee Mr. Amer Abdul Karim received the parliament members Mrs. Samia Aziz Khasro and Dr. Bassima Al-Ghazzi, during the meeting they have been talking about the Kurds Alfilien martyrs who were martyred in the unfair displacement process which fell on this group during the rule of former regime, the member of the care Council pointed that many of requests were ratified and the Committee is still considering the requests submitted by their families, on her side, MP She was willing to offer all the documents that assist the Special Committee in the detection accuracy of the information received by the Committee, Mr. Amer Abdul Karim said that the new committee has been formed by a decision from the care Council in the Establishment concerned to follow up on Alfilien Martyrs, headed by Mr. Amer Abdul Kareem and the membership of Mr. Basim Ahmed Ali and Mrs. Intisar Mohamed Ashour the members of the care council, and the Committee will hold a meetings with stakeholders to develop a mechanism to cover all the martyrs that have been evaluated by Establishment's Law.