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Ayoub Qasim in hot dialogue with the chief of the retirement in Afaq channel

Afaq channel conducted a hot dialogue between the martyr's Establishment of and the national retirement directorate, about delays of martyr's families' pension. Mr. Ayoub Qasim, member of the care council, the official spokesman for the Establishment, Mr. Abdul Hassan Jamal the director of Administrative and Finance and Mr. Ali Owaid the Chief of retirement attended this dialogue.
Mr. Ayoub referred highlighted obstacles on the path of the Establishment, including the lack of cooperation with the Establishment of some ministries, especially the Ministry of Finance, the significant deceleration in the work of the retirement directorate, compared with the pace of work that concerning with Baath men, also he stressed that the former National Assembly presented of many achievements for the victims of the Baath , through the enactment of many laws that compensate their suffering, such as a laws: The Establishment of the martyrs and the prisoners, the law of the resolution of conflicts and the protection of mass graves law, and others.
So he severely criticized the performance of the current House of Representatives which did not provide anything to the victims of the Baath.
At the conclusion of the dialogue the retirement's chief promised to complete the pension files to the martyr's families until the end of the current month.