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Al-Khalidoon newspaper held a press meeting with the Deputy Minister of Culture

Al-Khalidoon newspaper held a press meeting with the Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Taher Nasser al-Hamoud;
he talked about his biography in fighting the former regime and the sacrifices made by his family, whereas the former regime executed four of his brothers, and he left Iraq and confronted to the regime through the media work, also he answered questions from the newspaper on the cooperation between the Ministry and the Establishment
Whereas he expressed his personal willingness to adopt this subject (as instructed directly to contact the Cultural House in Basra to involve Basra martyrs directorate Festival in Basra, capital of culture), on the question posed by the newspaper about involving the Establishment in cultural weeks which are held outside and inside Iraq? he said that the ministry will work to involve the Establishment in annual actions, also he stressed on the need of communication between them, in the end of meeting he praised Establishment, for providing moral and financial support to the martyrs families to compensate them about what they have suffered in the dark period, and urged the hands of His Excellency President of the Foundation and members of care and the staff of the Establishment to provide more and more to care for the martyr's families, the delegation included the Deputy Director of Culture and Information Department, Mr. Kifah Haider Filaih, informational Muayad Al-Saadi, and official of Al-Khalidoon forums Mr. Muntader Saleh Al-Gabri.