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Attending the special discussion Symposium in martyr monument.

In response to guidance issued by His Excellency the President of the Establishment to attend the Symposium of the reality of the Establishment and the outcome of the delegation's visit to the Martyrs Establishment in the Islamic Republic of Iran .. Attended each of the following (Mohammad Hashem Alsedkhan)the Manager of Meyssan Martyrs, Mr. (Kamal Hanoon Ali) the responsible of social activity and (Alaa Prisam Saleh) the official of media department in the Directorate, on Thursday, 15/1/2009.
Notably, the symposium was held in the martyr monument with the presence of the President of the Establishment and the members of the care Council, also included several items, in particular a full explanation by Mr. (Khalaf Abdel Samad Khalaf) on the outcome of that visit with the show of the full documentary film, in addition to a theatrical show about the suffering of the martyrs families and the execution of the oppressor tyrant.
Having concluded the symposium by honoring a number of distinguished officials of the Establishment.