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The story of the martyr Samir Noor Ali from difficult days book.

Samir Ghulam is the victim, which has become the straw that revealed hatred of the regime against the Faili Kurds whereas the regime had unprecedented forced displacement and denaturalization of the Iraqi citizenship from hundreds thousands of Faili randomly breaking all constitutions in the world, Samir Ghulam was the straw that finally ignited the Iran-Iraq war which burned every thing.
Samir Noor Ali was in the third stage in the physics department at his martyrdom during the process of Mustansiriya which was fabricated by the regime, accused of assassination of Tareq Hanna Aziz, and within hours Baath faction surrounded the house of Mr. Noor Ali father of the martyr in Beirut Square and arrested all the members of his family, elderly, women and children and confiscated their movable and immovable property, the number of family members is 15 members, They release his mother with four daughters, in no man's land between the Iraqi army and Iranian, they left the home barefoot, naked, the others of family members were executed even the children Wisam and Ameer the first was eight years old and the other ten years old

The story of the girl Wasan and child Alaa
The martyr Ahmed Shukur Raheem the relative of Samir, he married Saadia Noor Ali, and got two children Wasan and Ali the security men raided their house after midnight and arrested the father and mother, the children remained alone in their house which was empty from the sympathy of parents until the goodness hand of neighbors came, but the neighbor despaired and feared from Baathist, he handed them over to the orphanage after their mother spended spent years in prison, she was deported to Iran, either spouse has been executed and two children remained in the orphanage until they were adopted by two families, the child's name became Alaa Fuad Abdel-Ghani and the Sister name became Wasan Dhia Hashem, one does not know anything about the other, no body knows their fate because of the absence of any person who asks about them, until the fall of the regime and after the return of their relatives could find out where is their stay, and has been reunited with their mother who left them 24 years
The girl child Ola
Mr. Abd Al-Sattar, Ms. Samira’s husband the martyr’s sister, God granted them a girl named Ola, she was tow years old when the Baathist authorities raided them and arrested Abdul Sattar, Ola stayed at the neighbors, her mother, Samira is the other had spent several years in the prisons of the tyrant, after that was deported to Iran, Ola grew and became young, after the fall of Baath regime she met with her mother, she became a woman after she was child.
The author, Abdul Amir Milki says that when I listened to this true tragedy story of those families, I imaging myself watching an Indian film, in my youth I seen Hindi films is far from reality, but I realized through living of these events that the Hindi film events are realistic.

The wisdom says: there is no problem if you fall in the hands of honest people, but the problem when you fall in the hands of vile, the honest people still honest, even with their prisoners.
And I wish you can get the book to read, I will talk about the book in other parts because of its importance in documenting the facts that the Faili Kurds got during the former regime period.