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Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research shows its cooperation with the Martyr's Establishment

Establishment's Media met with Dr. Abd Dhiab Al-Ajeli, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, The meeting focused on the problems that face the students from martyrs families for undergraduate studies and graduate studies, missions and graciously answered all questions, inquiries, and stressed the continuous and fruitful cooperation with the martyrs Establishment to serve the issue of the martyr and access to developed country through advanced education and that his ministry has provided support to this group of martyr's families ,also they have been exempted from the study wages in universities and institutes for university studies and allocated a seats for them to postgraduate With regard to the missions facing the problem associated with access to financial assignments given for the purpose of the ministry were discussed issue directly with the competent 0f establishment At the conclusion of the meeting, he praised the officials in the Establishment and their important role to serve the martyrs families, the meeting was held by Mr. Muayad Al-Saadi with the presence of Director of Public Relations Department in the Establishment, Mrs. Khitam Mohan, the Director of Information Department in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Siham Al-shujeri.