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The president of the Establishment visits the family of the martyr Husain Maan Taha

During his last round trip to the holy city of Karbala His Excellency the President of the Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad visited the family of the martyr Sheikh Hussein and met his first son Sajad, and recalled the biography of the hero martyr who was known by his struggle history by confronting the injustice and tyranny, Perhaps the most prominent mention is a brief rapid of This fighter life as he was the composed a book at 23 years old and died at 25 years old, and was responsible for Dawa party organization in the twenty-year-old, his Excellency President of the Establishment has shown his willingness to publish all books of Sheikh Hassan Taha. And the martyr's family expressed their readiness to support the Establishment voluntarily, His Excellency the President of Establishment has discussed with the family of the martyr the mechanism of the Establishment and the obstacles that stand in its way, leading to delays work, at the end of the meeting he demanded that the martyr's sons must have effective role in the dissemination of the martyrdom, and show the whole world the crime of Baath against the Iraqi people.