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His Excellency the President of the Establishment meets the chief of the province council of Karbala

The President of the Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad visited Karbala's provincial council and met with the chief of the Council, Mr. Mohammed al-Musawi who welcomed and praised the significant role of the Establishment in the service of the martyrs families, also the president of the establishment praised on the role of the Council and the real interaction of officials with the issue of the martyrs, then they held a meeting, "His Excellency the President of the Establishment, Chairman of the province council and Council members", they discussed during a series of suggestions and mechanisms for cooperation between the Establishment and the Council, the most important was the mechanism to the distribution of plots of land to the families of the martyrs, as a results of meeting they launched some of decisions the most important was about resolving the issue of distribution of plots of land and his Excellency demanded the council the possibility to find a large areas to build housing units and distribute it to the families of the martyrs in addition to activate the cultural aspects by insert the biographies of the martyrs in school courses, construct a memorials and exchange the buildings of the dissolved departments, which were a symbols of a tyrant, to the Museums of Martyrs. The chief of the Council and its members showed their readiness to support the Establishment to serve the families of the martyrs.