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His Excellency President of the martyrs Establishment in the hospitality of martyr's families

His Excellency the President of Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abd Samad visited the holy city of Karbala this visit was not only restricted for the meetings that he held with officials of the province and his participation in the distribution of Establishment grant, but he preferred to be a greater communication with the families of the martyrs through his field visits to the homes of martyr's families in order to see their living conditions and to identify their social status and secure all their needs, especially families that he described as a destitute, must be accessible to all those families of the martyrs because the Establishment is only the sponsor of this group, so compensate them morally and financially as equitable to the magnitude of the sacrifices made by martyrs for the sake of the true principles, whereas he visited on the second day of his presence in the holy city of Karbala a group of families residing in the Touirij district and granted them financial gifts to secure some requirements, some of these families have other suffering, it is the deteriorating health status, so he continued touring among these families who procreated heroes who wrote with their blood the present of new Iraq.