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His Excellency the President of Martyr's Establishment sponsors the anniversary celebration of opening Maysan Martyrs Directorate

Under the banner of Martyrs Establishment renewed hope the President of Martyr's Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abd al-Samad sponsored the celebration of Maysan Martyrs Directorate in anniversary of its opening at the Hall of the Cultural Center on Sunday, 19/7/2009, with the presence of Maysan province governor Mr. Mohamed Shia'a Sabbar, the President of the Provincial Council, Mr. Abdul Hussain Abdul Rida, members of the care council Mr. Haider Al-Shahmani Mr. Abdul Bari Fa'eq, and a number of local officials in the province, whereas he addressed his speech preceded by condolence the attendance in the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Musa al-Kadim peace upon him, His Excellency pointed out during his speech to the heroic role of martyrs against the dictatorship, so he reminded to the inevitability of complete disclosing of the families of the martyrs on the reality of the Establishment, its achievements, the obstacles that face it during its path, the rights of martyrs families in the Establishment Law, and the Establishment seeking to serve this sacrificed group, also he stressed that Iraq still the title of the resistance and martyrdom.