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Al-khalidoon Women's Forum sets up the first workshop

The auspices of His Excellency President of the martyrs Dr. Khalaf Abdel Samad Al-khalidoon women forum set up its first workshop in Al-khalidoon hall, under the slogan of all cooperate to serve the families of the martyrs of the volunteers from the employees in the Establishment, a good group of sisters and daughters of the martyrs with the presence of a number of members of care Council of the families of the martyrs gentlemen Mr. Amer Abdel-Karim, Mr. Ayoub Qasim, Mr. Kazim Owaid, Dr. Faisal Abdul Emma and Ms. Entisar Ashour, the workshop began a reading of verses from the Holy Quran and standing to read Surat Al-Fatihah for the spirits of our innocent martyrs, then the member of the care Council of and supervisor of the forum Ms. Utoor Al-musawi addressed a speech in which she welcomed the distinguished guests in addition to a brief description of the main objectives of the workshop and future aspirations for the development of work in this forum after that the President of the Establishment addressed a speech he blessed the efforts of those responsible for this act and emphasized the importance of developing a correct future plans through the study of social status and needs of the families of the martyrs in order to achieve the project objectives to be the first seed on the path to sow a new spirit of citizenship among Iraqi people generally and to serve the families of the martyrs in particular, the program of the workshop resumed by showing a documentary movie of the most important achievements of the Forum and a lecture to explain the mechanisms for the completion of this project.