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Minister of Finance ordered to launch the full amount of grant Establishment

The president of the Establishment Dr. Khalaf Abdul Samad, accompanied by a member of the care council Mr. Ayoub Qasim and general manager of the Legal Department Mr. Ibrahim al-Zubaidi met the Minister of Finance Mr. Baqir Jabr, during the visit was discussed the obstacles that obstruct Establishment's work in the financial allocations, they talked about the details of the ways to remove those obstacles, also has been stressed on the need of great interest and support of the Establishment to provide more services to the families of the martyrs, the Minister of Finance ordered at the request of the Establishment launching the full amount of Establishment grant, which is distributed monthly to the families of the martyrs, also he instructed to grant 25 billion dinars to the Establishment to construct a housing units for families of the martyrs. The meeting was attended by Oil Minister Mr. Hussain al-Shahristani, Sheikh Hamam Hammoudi the chief of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives, who stressed the need to promote and support the Establishment of martyrs to care the families of the martyrs who have been subjected to the worst forms of oppression and deprivation in the era of the Baath regime.