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132 people dead and hundreds injured in bombings of Baghdad... Maliki vows "Al-Qaeda

the victims of Baghdad suicide bombings increased to 132 dead and 512 wounded. Ali al-Dabbagh Iraqi government spokesman said the blasts carrying the fingerprints of "al Qaeda."
The first blast was near the Justice ministry building next to the intersection of Iraqi state television. After about two minutes a large explosion in front of the Baghdad Provincial Council, which includes the Office of the Governor.
For his part, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said: the crimes of "Bath" and "Al Qaeda" will not succeed in disrupting the political process and the holding of legislative elections scheduled for 16 January, in his first reaction after the bombings.
He added that the "cowardly terrorist attacks that happened today should not discourage the Iraqi people to continue their career and their fight against the remnants of the Baath regime and the criminal gangs of al-Qaeda that did the most heinous crimes against civilians, the latest deadly attack was in Wednesday on August 19, they have black hands which stained with the blood of the Iraqi people."
Maliki inspected the site after the blasts near the building of the Ministries of Justice, Municipalities and Public Works, and the Baghdad Provincial Council.
The prime minister vowed to "inflict retribution to the enemies of Iraqi people who want to create chaos in the country and disrupt the political process and prevent the holding of parliamentary elections on schedule which will be the strongest response and convey the message to the enemies of the political process who are supported from abroad."
The scene of bloody Wednesday in Baghdad in August the past is repeated in the Iraqi capital, tens of dead and wounded fell because of tow powerful explosions shook buildings in central Baghdad near the Tigris River and columns of black smoke covered the area.
The first blast targeted a building of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of municipality and public work in Haifa Street, the second, which was after few minutes later targeted Baghdad Provincial Council in the same area.
The initial information that the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers using two car bombs in a garage of the Ministry of Justice and the provincial council.
Tens of dead in the streets and in cars, the charred cars, firefighters working to extinguish the fire, ambulances transport the wounded to hospitals. The savers tried to pull bodies from inside the burning cars.
The Blasts caused big material damage in buildings of the Ministry of Justice, the province council and neighboring buildings with flooded streets.
The explosions happened after the decline of violence in Iraq in the recent period, which raises questions about the security situation in the country.