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Delegation of the Martyrs Establishment attends a High criminal Court

A high-ranking delegation from the martyr's Establishment attended two seasons of the High criminal Court to try the criminals of the former regime in suits of the Friday prayer and liquidation Albarzanyen, the delegation was led by Mr. Faris Omar the deputy chairman of the Establishment, membership of Mr. Ayoub Qasim, Mr. Amer Abdul-Karim the care Council members, Ms. Khitam Mohan the relations manager, and Mr. Jassim Ali the Assistant of relations manager, the delegation set down in the guests room, and listened to the season of the verdict in the suit of Friday prayer and the martyrdom of Mr. Al-Sadr at 1999 with a group of his supporters, then followed the trial of Baath criminals in the suit of liquidation of the Albarzanyen in 1983 and the destruction of villages and displacement of people after the bombardment them by various weapons .