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Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki attends the Festival of transitional justice institutions against the Baath, which was hosted by Martyr's Establishment

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, invited the Iraqi people and the families of martyrs and prisoners to have their say to prevent Baathists from to get through parliaments, also invited the members of the parliaments to do not let Baathists or who deal with them work under its dome
He added: we say to all that Iraq will not get the happiness and if this germ stills, our proof on this is that one of them did not apologize to the Iraqi people about Saddam's crimes, they did not convene a conference to apologize to the people.
Iraqis blood flowed and stained their hands, also foreign troops entered, Iraq's mastery fell, with their hands arresting camps, prisons and mass graves were set up, they still use the same route since 1969, which they claimed it was a white revolution in an attempt to deceive the people, but their reality appeared so they do not know just plots, some of them still covered under names and political regimes are Baathist in its realism, and they want a Baathist parliament.
And Mr. Prime Minister said in a speech while attending the festival on transitional justice institutions against the Baath, which was established by the Martyrs Institution at Monument Martyr.
: We do not hear the cry required in the Baath and the Baathists, and if we want to forget the crimes they committed against the Iraqi people, we tell them that who does not have the capacity to take responsibility he must relinquish, particularly as we approach the elections.
He continued sovereignty: that the crimes that targeted the ministries of foreign affairs, finance, justice and the province of Baghdad, they believe is the easy way to achieve their targets and they are proud, and proud of them quacks who claim they are doing it for Iraq.
He asked Mr. Prime Minister: Will the Iraq they want is Iraq killings and destruction of institutions, and where the position of the people of the trend towards the targeting of infrastructure and kill people until they say that there is no stability in Iraq, and whether the tournament to enter a confrontation with the government and the army?
. The sovereignty added, the will of such well-known is that led us into a war that lasted eight years and to the invasion of Kuwait, so today we are closing the doors to their faces to creep into again, but keep the doors open and say Welcome someone who had committed a crime against the Iraqi people and apologize, even though The members of the Baath Party.
Mr. Prime Minister said that we have the right to mourn our dear ones and our martyrs, our children, but you mustn't be weak and continue on our way to the end, and when we applaud today the martyrs families and political prisoners We tell them we will keep working to restore your rights as soon as possible, but what is important is what we will submit for the martyrs, we must continue not to take revenge, but construction, as all Iraqis of all sects and nationalities united in the face of crimes of the Baath 'we must come together today to build our country, and unite on the basis for the response of reaction to injustice and evil-doers,
The enemies who allied themselves with al Qaeda to attack the achievements of the political process, and if we have fulfilled the right of the martyrs and the sacrifices in the face of the former regime.
Mr. prime minister added that what we have achieved very significant at all levels and we have before us must work to promote the political process and the completion of the construction process, and that this was not possible only to maintain security and continue the construction and reconstruction and the fight against spoilers, in order to build a new Iraq based on freedom, justice and equality
The Prime Minister inaugurated the exhibition, including photographs of martyrs and political prisoners, the crimes committed by the Ba'ath regime against the Iraqi people, drawing thanks to the Martyrs Foundation to increase its interest with the families martyrs, and for having this exhibition, which honors the heinous crimes committed by the Baath Party of innocent Iraqis, to remain the minds of generations.
The Prime Minister honored a number of families of the martyrs who have made large numbers of their relatives at the hands of the former regime.
And the parties participating in the conference, the Ministries of Human Rights and Displacement and Migration and the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal in Kurdistan region of Iraq and the institution of political prisoners and the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal and the Iraqi Property Claims Commission and the Supreme National Commission for de-Baathific. .