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Under the auspices of the Prime Minister opened the new headquarter of the martyrs Establishment

On behalf of the Prime Minister, The consultant Hassan Shubber attends the opening ceremony of the new headquarters of the establishment in the former headquarters building of governance of the Saddam's intelligence, which the martyrs and prisoners were suffering the colors of torture from this place of death published against our innocent martyrs, began the ceremony by playing the national anthem, and then delivered a speech by Prime Minister representative of the sovereignty, Mr. Hassan shubber , which dealt with the place and what was being martyrs of torture against detainees and prisoners and the suffering that were going on and called for support of the organization and support in order to compensate families of the martyrs even a fraction of the suffering inflicted abuse as a result of the defunct regime of tight spot and a passion for life and the denial of basic citizenship rights to complete the study and work, harassment, and daily attendance for security services, then the President of the establishment, Dr. Khalaf Abd Samad speech addressing the constraints facing the Establishment in particular the work of many of these link with the work of other ministries, starting from the pension law, which was delayed for more a year and a half and the construction of housing units carried by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the other is delayed and except for the interference of the Prime Minister what has been allocating Thirty per cent of residential complexes built by the ministry to families of the martyrs in Baghdad and the provinces, and called on His Excellency at the end of his speech to the implementation of the rule of right, the death penalty executioners of the right of the people such as Ali Hassan al-Majid and the henchmen of the former regime who are being tried in the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal, then the certificate and poets sung heroes and the sacrifice and suffering of their relatives, then was the official opening of the new headquarters, where the ribbon-cutting by the representative of the Prime Minister. Who inspected the building and was briefed on partitions that they contain and the work of staff and the tasks assigned to them. The opening was attended by a number of officials of the Baghdad Provincial Council and judges in the High Criminal Court and officials of the institution of political prisoners.