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Baghdad Provincial Council distributes solar water heaters in collaboration with the Institution of the Martyrs

Deployment of the Baghdad Provincial Council and in cooperation with the martyrs Establishment of solar heaters at a ceremony in the provincial council building, on Thursday, 29.1.2009 in the presence of a big rally of the martyrs families.
Mr. Mueen AL Kadhimi, a particular word of the President of the broad distribution mechanism, and heaters are included in this gift are the martyrs families of the victims of the former regime and subject to the law of the Establishment as well as political prisoners and the number of heaters that will be distributed (10000), solar-powered heater for the purpose of reducing consumption of electricity.
And Mr. Kadhim Owaid member of the care that the step of the Baghdad Provincial Council is a major step that the martyrs families deserve a lot a lot and we hope the state institutions to follow the example of the provincial council will be recalled that the first group will be distributed and installed in the role next month and the number 1000 heater.