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Martyrs Establishment holds the first women's forum for the wives of the martyrs

Martyrs Establishment established the First Women Forum and a seminar in cooperation with Islamic Cultural Center and the Women section under the banner of honoring you, you donated father, brother, and husband to the martyrdom and stood majestically against the most notorious tyrant .... bless youin building of the Center on 22/1/2009.
Meeting was attended by a gathering of martyrs wives and a number of notable personages of women, Mr. Kadhem Owaid the member of the care Council Addressed the speech of His Excellency President of the Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad, whereas he confirmed that the Establishment is going to support the wives and daughters of martyrs because they got biggest damage during defunct Baathist regime, Mrs. Utoor Hussein and the Mrs. Entisar Mohamed Ashour the members of care Council stressed on the leading role that should be taken by wives of martyrs in new Iraq because they are despite their difficult circumstances they granted physician and architect to the society, the Establishment found for them, also the Establishment is going on the path of the martyrs in order to benefit the right for them.
On the other hand the Media section viewed a scene reflects the significant role played by Mr. Prime Minister Mr. Nouri al-Maliki to sign the decision to execute buried cursed Saddam.
The Establishment has distributed a simple gift is a oil heater for martyr's wives.