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Visiting President of the Establishment for four wives of martyrs extort money

His Excellency Mr. President of the Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abd Samad Visited four sisters lost their husbands to extort money from the tyrant Saddam policies in eastern Karrada.
This came in the parental care shown by His Excellency the President of the Establishment for martyr's families came in an auspicious visit to the family of Martyr Hassan Mohamed and met with martyr's wife Fadhila Srept Lateef who recovered from a chronic disease, God granted her full recovery from the disease after being treated outside Iraq in Islamic Republic of Iran, During the visit, he met her sisters, three women who lost their husbands from the repercussions of the Baathist regime Aafllagay and the martyrs are brothers too and they also Khairia Srept Lateef wife of martyr Abdul Hussein Mohammed Aliwi and Siham Srept Lateef wife of martyr Mohsen Aliwi Mohammed as well as kisma Srept Lateef wife of the martyr Saadoun Abdul-Hussein Hadi, and sisters showed their happiness this auspicious visit and the representation of his Excellency is honor for them.