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The master Khalaf Abd Al-Samad Khalaf the president of the martyrs Establishment obtains a doctorate in Agricultural Engineering

With presence of several professors in the College of Agriculture, some members of the care in the Martyrs Establishment, many students, and families of the martyrs, Mr. Khalaf Abd Al-Samad has been granted a Doctor of Philosophy For his thesis titled (evaluating three types of hormones to the development of ovule cells for the production of grass Alkatd fish ovules, during the long debate for his thesis, which lasted for more than five hours Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad was able to response all of the ambiguities raised by the supervisor Committee on discuss of his thesis, Although the Committee did not disclose the degree of evaluation earned by Mr. Khalaf Abdel-Samad, but one of the members of the supervisory committee disclosed to a reporter "Basra News", who attended the discuss, the estimate would be an excellent degree.