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Haj Committee meets contractors and guides

As a continuation of its efforts for the success of the Hajj delegation of Martyr's Establishment and create a better atmosphere for the families of martyrs to perform the rituals properly and comfortable, Haj Committee in the Martyrs Establishment held a meeting with contractors and guides who are specialized to the convoys of pilgrims from martyr's families, the meeting was managed by Mr. Ayoub Qassem Representative of Establishment's President and Chairman of the Committee of Hajj, who put an important and sensitive issue on the workers of campaigns that awareness and education must not be limited on the religious side, despite its importance which emphasized by the Chairman of the Hajj committee, but awareness in all joints of life is a part of the educational pilgrimage, comes in this context explaining the meanings and moral values of the principle of martyrdom which symbolized by martyrs in the society and to alert the people and remind them of the crimes of Baath and its former regime in order not to repeat the tragedy experienced by the Iraqi people for more than three decades.