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This is one of the thousands of heinous crimes committed by Saddam

In one day Saddam Hussein decided to release thirty-five political prisoners in the year 1975, the day before release, issued an order to one of the workers in Iraqi regional leadership to go next morning to the (Tuwaythah) hospital to bring one hopeless patient (patients with tuberculosis – TB) and gave him an official letter and he telephoned the hospital to order them to this effect
The following morning before the release of detainees who were at the age twenty tow, all of them were students,
At nine in the morning Saddam attended to the camp where the orders had been provided for the detainees to get the arena since eight o'clock in the morning, he arrived in the courtyard of the prison accompanied by several members of the protection, ordered the detainees to stand together and confronted him and started talking to them like an ideological as he likes, He thinks that he is smart but he was not in required scientific level, this is hurtful to himself and always finds himself inferior to others, so at any meeting with any of the old cadres of the party was trying to impose, everyone was accepting the opinion even the mistake, fearing from revenge and everyone knows that Saddam's revenge (pinch leads to the grave) at the end of the interview, which was addressed to the youth to be released, told them that he intended to release them immediately, but now accepts the condition that each of them gets a spit from the man standing there in his mouth, he did not receive any accepting note from the prisoner approval of the. He ordered the escorts to lead the patient to start spitting into the mouth of each detainee, and were among the thirty-five prisoners five girls at the age of the flowers.
The patient opens his mouth and spitting until the end one of the girl refused to receive the spit, could not accept it, despite the urgency, despite the threats leveled by Saddam himself, finally he ordered to take the girl away and approached them wielding a pistol and simply put it in her head and fired a bullet, she fell on the ground, there were only tow prisoners girls in the place, he turned around them and said simply that is the fate of everyone refuses my orders,
After killing a young girl the detainees were released one by one.
This process is a heinous crime does not come on the mind of the worst criminals that brings a patient with a serious incurable disease such as tuberculosis to spit in the mouths of young people in the age of flowers, (academic high achievers) before being released and they do not know anything about it then the disease may lead them to the death, that Saddam Hussein sentenced to these young people by the execution before being released, some people grief for the execution of this tyrant (sadam),this crime one of the thousands of stories to remind us the crimes of Saddam and his dirty works.