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Foundation organizes its first trip to visit the Askaris shrines

Under direct supervision of the Economic, Social departments Establishment conducted the first convoy moved to visit the Askaris shrines in Samarra, on 10 2 2009, the selection of samarra city came as a request of the martyrs families because of the difficult access to these shrines, the first group included ( 100) families who approved their files by the Special Committee, this group must be (50) families of the Karkh Directorate, and (50) families from AlSadr City and Rusafa, this journey began in conditions of strict security guards Department in the Establishment in coordination with the leadership of Baghdad checkpoints between Baghdad and Samarra to maintain the safety of visitors, this step comes as application of Establishment law to provide moral support to the martyrs families and the continuing seeking to provide better services to this segment, this trip is the start of several futuristic trips to sacred thresholds in accordance with the future plans made by the social department in the Establishment