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The distribution of gifts to the successful students in Diwaniya

Celebration of Prophet Mohammad's birth, His Excellency the chief of the martyrs Establishment Dr. Khalaf Abd al-Samad and Mr. Ali Abd Al-elah Tahir the Director of Diwaniya martyrs Directorate with the big support of Prime Minister Mr. Nuri Al-Maliki, for interest of martyrs families with encouragement the students specially, has been added a new achievement to this wronged segment in darkness era, the Directorate of Diwaniya Martyrs established a celebration to distribute a gifts of Martyrs Establishment to the successful students from the martyrs families, and the ceremony was attended by Mr. Muqdad Naji the administrative assistant of Diwaniya Education Directorate, Mr. Ali Abd Al-elah Tahir the Director of Diwaniya martyrs Directorate , Mr. Aqil al-Musawi, one of the religion men, Mr. Abdul-Kadhim lafta, the official of Scientific committee in martyrs Establishment, the ceremony began by reading of the Holy Quran has been read by the reader Abu Zainab Al-Salhi, and then they read Al-Fatihah for the spirits of the martyrs, the speech was to Mr. Muqdad Naji the assistant of Education directorate praised on the continuing work to remove the injustices from our students from the martyrs families and another speech was to Mr. Muhammad Kadhim Abbas the official of Social Committee and the speech of Mr. Abu Aqil al-Musawi, he spoke on the ethics of high Noble Prophet (Allah bless him) and urged the audience to follow such good morals and warble voice of the poet Saadi Almihna on this occasion and the guidelines speech by Mr. Abdul-Kadhim, a gesture and it should be noted, before this initiative, there were many privileges, including winter and summer clothing amounting to (500) thousand dinars being paid in two installments and getting 10% of higher education seats for the martyrs families, as well as the Establishment pays the expenses of doctoral dissertations that deal with the martyrdom and the martyrs, the celebration was concluded with the distribution of gifts to the students which was amount of (150) thousand dinars with a school bag.