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the Martyrs of Foundation with delegation have visiting the Mayor of AL-Mahmudiyah to obtain parcels of land to the martyrs

Under the guidance, the president of the martyrs of foundation Lady Abdul Amir Al-shammari, and his delegation of the martyrs of foundation during the outline of department manager by the coordination service and the victims of terrorism and economic department in collaboration with the Ministry of municipalities.
The direction of control in the martyrs of foundation his been visited the (Municipality of Al-Mahmudiya) to obtain parcels of lands to the martyrs.
The delegation has worked on the lands evaluation and distribution to the martyrs to all slides. The institution made unremitting efforts to carry out article in the budget act martyrs Foundation this act for the year 2016/article 47 and article 46 of the balancing act 2017 for the distribution of parcels of land in good places.