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The Ministry of Education circulates to all its directorates for application the institution's law in appointments

The Director of the Monitoring and Coordination Section, Mr. Mohammad Hardan, said in the establishment that 'the Ministry of Education has sent all the directorates of its departments in all governorates to amend its instructions for appointment the law of the Martyrs Institution No. 2 2016.

Which are covering a parents, children, husband, wives, brothers and sisters, sons of sons and daughters of girls. According to their book number 53912 in 5/11/2017.
Mr. Mohammad Hardan added that 'the institution of martyrs confirmed the Ministry of Education implementation of the law.

However, amend their instructions issued by their ministry regarding the appointments of the families of the martyr. Not to include appointed the families of the martyr, according to the law of the institution of martyrs

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