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Tuz Khurmato city that adored the martyrdom tells the biography of the martyr, teacher Mohammed Abdullah Ali

The name of the Merciful God

Tuz Khurmatu is located on the main road linking Baghdad and Kirkuk, the name of the city is Turkmen ((Dozkhormatu))means (salt, dates, and berries)). . .
at the beginning of the seventies the revival Islamic current started as a principled Islamic organized efforts in Turkmen circles and many of the finest youth of the region opposed the communism and the Baath between 1980 - 1982 as well as in the blessed shaban revolution in 1991.
The information department in the Martyrs Foundation in Tuz Khurmatu chose to be the first visit to the homes of the martyrs is the family of the martyr Mohammed Abdullah Ali. . . .
On 22 / (tho-Elqida) corresponds to 11-20-2008 in the rainy day in Tuz Khurmatu we visited the martyr's wife, Mrs. (Suhaila) the retired teacher, also we met the daughter of martyr Dr. (lala Muhammad Abdullah), specialized women's who walked on her father steps, medicates the patients in the city and contribute to work on the Islamic medical advice of some of the issues related to jurisprudence in collaboration with ((estate-Zahra)) in the city.
the wife began to talk and she was like high mountain in patience and steadfastness.
My husband Mohamed was born in 1939 graduated from the Teachers College / Kirkuk in 1959 he was appointed in education, and he translated a lot of works and themes from Arabic into Turkish, he is also a lecturer bewails Imam Hussein and residents of the prayer group in his school (Hassan bin thabit) near the Mosque of Imam Ali, (peace be upon him).
The baathists offered by their usual seductions to be the District governor Tuz but he refused. He stresses that the communism and the Baathist have not and will not serve the humanitarian ideas, but Islam is the only solution to humanity, as confirmed by His eminence Mohamed Baqir al-Sadr.
The martyr Mohammed Abdullah, had a participation with a monthly Islamic magazine published in Najaf, was issued by a group of religion scientists, our martyr Mohamed was combining doctrinal and ideological questions of the region and send it to Najaf and the answer comes to him .... Thus, the believer is a servant of his religion and his nation.
some books were coming as a gifts from Najaf, the martyr has Islamic writings and translations were not published yet include:
1 / the life of Imam Ali, (peace be upon him)
2 / The favor of Karbala Martyrs
3 / the lives of the imams, (peace be upon them)
4 /Alkahf chapter of the holly KORAN
The martyr traveled outside Iraq for the Islamic Action, News has arrived about the arrest of his companions such as the hero martyr Kamal Qanbar. However, the martyr Muhammad decided to return back to Iraq and serve his people.
The returned to the homeland and in the first day of the new school year, while Mr. Mohamed Abdullah shaking hands with his friend at school was arrested. Thus, the Baathist regime honors teachers. All dictators do not like science, scientists and intellectuals, because they reveal the falseness of tyrants. . . Yes, have been arrested Mr. Mohammed in the guilt that he says (Allah is our god).
After the arrest of Mr. Mohammed, the dirt Baathists had a role of stealing his possessions,
1.Confiscation of his movable and immovable possessions.
2. Sale his home auction.
3. Confiscation of his books, and harassment from the government.
4. Banishing his wife the teacher to the employee in Tikrit was out every day at five am and then back on the same day.
5. Cutting allowances which were allocating to the children for education, the martyr has four children, the oldest was in primary school when the father arrested.
Martyr's family was informed that this is tested; to distinguish the insured because the right insured appears with the real plagued and he increases belief and consciousness at the calamities descent.
The martyr was always echo ((my life narrowed and living tired because the unjust rule us.
In 1981 was the date of the arrest of Mohammed, then in 1982 was the date of execution, when he ascend up the gallows, he cried, do not fear death but yearning to meet his God, at the last moments in his life, he said (I am satisfied to die and now I have a wife, raising the children to be honest and Heroes against tyrants)).
The martyr was in the prison asking his Brothers to be patient and steadfastness, everyone remembers the words of the Prophet to Yasser Family when they were tortured (patience, your rendezvous is Paradise)
his family received the news of his martyrdom with pride and they depended on God because by depending on God and the patience, Pities descends on people.
The martyr Mohammed was burial in the Peace Valley cemetery in Najaf.
We asked the wife of the martyr: at the fall of statue what did she wish?
She said: I wished martyrs return and see the humiliation and shame of Sadam.
We asked her the example of the martyr, she replied:
The prophets and the Prophet Muhammad and imam Hussein (p) and the Martyr Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr was the example of the martyr.
Yes, those people insisted on the martyrdom like their leader, the martyr Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr:
(Iraq needs these blood to stand up))
The wife of the martyr: The martyrdom is the treasure of the family, and she is asking the ownership disputations office to speed up transactions to return the martyrs houses to their sons.
Yes, our martyrs like green oasis in the desert of our life oasis are shaded under its beautiful trees. Martyrs like that so their attitudes are a lessons to be us.
In the end, the wife of the martyr said: God grant us success to continue on martyr’s line and carry the heavy faithfulness after them, because what the martyrs left are work, and responsibility.