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Implementation of the recommendations of AL.Murgiea: It has coordinating committees between Al-Shuhada Foundation and AL. Ayny foundation

President of Al-Shuhada Foundation received AL. Ayny foundation successful Mrs. Abdul Amir AL shammari the head Dr. Sabah algaoosh. During the meeting, both of foundations have agreed to send special medical conditions by Al-Shuhada Foundation to provide them with health services and forming a Committee between the two institutions to open collaboration and check the names and they intersect and select recipients.

President of Al-Shuhada Foundation praised its steps for the AL. Ayny foundation of social welfare toward martyrs. It is worth mentioning the AL.Murgiea confirmed the victory speech from the holy place Al-Husseini in 15/12/2017, to care for the martyrs and provide a decent life for them in terms of housing, health, education and live costs.