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Next Sunday residential around 1417 land for martyr's families in Wasit

During the visiting president Mrs. Najah Abdul Amir Al shammari Al- head of Shuhada Foundation Wasit Governor in 2017 to pursue those land plots distribution on martyrs covered by Foundation law.

However, Mr. Nasir Ali Hussein (director of the martyrs of Wasit) that we have connected with Wasit Governor Directorate and other concerned departments to recruit personnel distribution, which will be approved on Sunday 14 | 1 | 2018 (for each of victims of the Baath party and the popular crowd martyrs and victims of terrorism).
The total pieces distributed are1417 lands spread over (511 for martyrs martyr's victims of the Baath party and the popular crowd around 906 as well as victims of terrorism). However, the martyrs of Wasit make every effort to provide the best service for those slides made sacrifices for our country.