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The President of Al-Shuhada Foundation is researching files of martyr's with religious scholars in Najaf

The president Mrs. Najah Abdul Amir Al-Shammari visited the Dar Al-Alm institution for Mr. Al-Khoei in the Najaf city.
During the visit, the Minister met with Mr. Jawad Al-Khoei and Mr. Zeid Bahr Al-Uloum. It has search a file of the martyrs were examined and included in the law of the institution and how to prove their residence for the purpose of facilitating their transactions.

On the other hand, the President visited the Office of His Eminence Mr. Abdul-Ali Al-Sabzari (Quds) and met with his son, Mr. Ali Abd Al-Ali Al-Sabzari, and discussed during the meeting the file of religious scholars martyrs, and their inclusion in the law of the Martyrs Institution No. 2 of 2016.