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The third day in the jamboree which the department of culture and media has held

The day began in morning sport for one hour, they took breakfast and then a lecture was held about (The role of martyrs by resistance the dictatorship) for Mr. Zahid Habeeb the official of the social committee directorate in Karbala province , he discussed the evident heroic positions for our pious martyrs by confrontation to the former regime and his men explaining that despite of the influence of alBaath regime and its violence , the power of martyrs did not break in its resistance despite of littleness of the number and equipment , so they refused to join in alBaath party and they have chosen death . So the participants optimized by these heroic positions of our pious martyrs and the features of joy appeared on their faces instead of sorrow. Then they took their lunch and the minister of youth and sport Mr. Jassem Muhammad Jaafar visited the jamboree which is held in the martyr's monument and there was the deputy of president of martyrs' establishment Mr. Ayoob Kassim to receive the delegation. The celebration began by reading verses of Holy Koran, then Mr. Ayoob Kassim addressed a speech of establishment, welcomed by the minister of youth and sport and praised on his great efforts to support the establishment and the families of martyrs, also he mentioned to many of the establishment achievements like pilgrimage costs which is given yearly for the pilgrims, finishing the pension dealings, marriage gift and the rents. Also he touched on the crimes of Albaath party and how the blood of martyrs triumphed over the dictatorship of the former Baath , then he spoke about some of impediments that faced the establishment work like the presence of Baathian in ministries and departments of government which try to stop the work of the establishment ,then he mentioned to number of national unity government achievements and its prime minister Mr. Noory Almaliki the first protector of martyrs families and how his government took out the foreign forces from Iraqian cities after the former Baath has brought it . Then the minister of youth and sport addressed a speech praised the establishment efforts and its supervisors to service the martyrs' families, and his Excellency undertake to support youth group from martyrs' families, then the poets of new Iraq began by reading poems which glorify the martyrdom and the martyr so they sang to praise the country, in conclusion the minister distributed the gifts on the students
of jamboree, also his Excellency toured in the jamboree in the monument of martyr and taking photographs with the participants , also the celebration was attended by representative of the ministry of interior the major Adnan Jaafer , the colonel Salah Kathem the official of the censorship department in the establishment , the director of the social committee Mr. Sabah Kathem , the assistant of the general manager of the administrative department Mrs. Ebtihal Jaabar , the director of the public relations department Mrs. Khitam Muhan and a group from the establishment' employees , then the participants took dinner . With the jamboree program for the evening time they hold contest between the participants about discovery some of their talents and actually were found a lot of sports, literary, technique and poetic abilities in the poetry or oratory or writing or drawing or reading Koran.