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With the aim of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation with the governorates distributing 372 plots of land for martyrs and injured persons in Dhi Qar

Dhi Qar Governorate distributed 372 residential plots to martyrs, wounded and injured people. The distribution was carried out in accordance with the electronic drawing system, with attend of  Dhi Qar presence and his chairman of the Land Distribution Committee.

The municipalities are continuing the process of distributing plots of land to their beneficiaries. Especially the martyrs and the wounded," said the director of the popular crowd division of the Dhi Qar Martyrs Directorate. However, he said "The new meal was distributed to six administrative units (Batha, al-Fajer and Fajr--and Qal'at Sukkar, Al-Fadlah and Al-Nasr),