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The martyr Baqer Abdel Wahab Shtab al – Rubaie

The beginning of the eighties with its resurrection and its defeat, it launched an aggressive campaign against the families of the Mujahideen and the citizens known for their resistance.
The Public Security Directorate has been taken the families to the General Security Directorate, where women and children were isolated from the men. In addition to, they were subjected to the most severe forms of psychological and physical torture. Seven days later, they were banished to the deserts (Al- shuhatt) where hunger, thirst and deprivation of the most basic human rights and after months were taken the martyr with a group of young, which is more than forty to an unknown destination to disappear from the news of his family. After the fall of Saddam's system. The family of martyr was found a document confirms his execution issued by the Revolutionary Court of the picture was not found his remains or his grave until the hour