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AL-Shuhadaa foundation in cooperation with the national pension authority, is following a new mechanism in promoting the transactions of Martyrs ' Rel

The Director general of the Victims of Terrorism Martyrs Department Mr. Tariq al-mandelawi met the chairman of the National pension authority, Mr. Ahmed Abdeljalil Alsaadi.

The meeting discussed the problems and obstacles facing the Institution's work in activating Law 57 of 2015 and the mechanisms for promoting transactions for the beneficiaries of Martyr's families. On the other hand, the head of the National Pension Authority has confirmed the adoption of a new mechanism. In the promotion of the Transactions of Martyr's families, and the issuance of pension identities in Baghdad and the Governorates.

This is done through the cooperation between the retirement service of victims of terrorism and the Pension Coordination Office of the Foundation.The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the special committee, Judge Haider Mansour Al Allas and director of the coordination office, Mr. Hassan Haidari.