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A delegation from the National Centre for documenting the crimes of the Baath visited the Sorka museum in Sulaimaniyah.

A delegation from AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visits the Museum of Security in Sulaimaniyah. Under the chairmanship of the Assistant Director of relations, Mr. Mohammad Khudhair Hassoun and the director of the National Center for documenting Baath Party crimes Mr. Ahmed Molly Sayed.

The delegation met with the Director of the Museum of Mr. Acoo Graab and discussed ways of co-operation and the establishment of a special pavilion for the National Centre at the Sorka museum. To present the crimes of the Baath Party and the violations and injustices suffered. By the Iraqi people during the reign of the criminal Baath Party.

The meeting also included a detailed explanation of the work of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation and the role of the National Centre for Documentation of Baath Crimes.