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Great demonstration for the martyrs' families in Karkuk condemnation to Alaani proclamations

Egress the martyrs' families in great demonstration in front of Karkuk martyrs directorate building condemnation to proclamations of the member of Parliament Dhafir Alaani. Crowd from martyrs and political prisoners' families, political and religious characters , also Mr. Shaheen Ramzi addressed the statement of the Establishment of martyrs also Mr. Najat Hussein the member of province council addressed a speech warned from Albaath party in a new names and slogans exploiters the democracy which is available in our beloved country . Sheik Ali Jomaa addressed a speech emphasized on the necessity of present Alaani and his fellows to fair trails. The demonstratives proclaimed slogans criticized Alaani proclamations and emphasized on their support to the Iraqi government and they are impregnable rampart for preserve the vested rights which is given to the Iraqi people.