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Directorate of the martyrs of Karbala host Dr. Faisal Abdel aemma

Hosted by the Directorate of the martyrs of Karbala on Sunday 17/5/2009 Stewardship Council member families of the martyrs and the supervisor of the Directorate, Dr. Faisal Abdel aemma, on an official visit to determine the conditions of the Directorate and the streamlined of work in which to serve the families of the martyrs in the province, met with Mr. Haider, Director of the Directorate Fawzi sadeq and a group of staff and toured in the departments of the Directorate, including the Division of Finance to ensure the right of the computational procedures in the distribution of the monthly grant, provided by Dr. Faisal the advice value and observations that would develop the work, that the Directorate are distinct in its work .