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Witness on Baath crimes

A village has given (64) martyrs
It is (Al-Mazdia) village which is located in the south of Babil province; it is linked to (AlMidhatia town- Al Hashimia district,
This village is small in its area and its census, it was safe and settled, its people census is not more than (250) persons in 1991.
As well as all Iraqi regions was not empty from some who have sold their consciences to the viler of Baath, a crime was committed by Baathists against a group of faithful youth from (Almazdia) village, this crime was leaded by the criminal (Talie Khaleel Aldoori) who spoiled Al-Hilla city and all its sides,
More than quarter of resident's people of village is arrested,
Date: 10/3/1991
The place: Almazdia village
Time: six o'clock am
Forces from Baath army are attacking the village and arresting all of its youth, each one between (16-60) years old, is arrested without any fault or crime,
But the youth of village refused and insisted to defend on children and women, then they resisted the progress of tanks and military trucks, a battle started, but the resistant could not continue because the criminal (Talie Khaleel Aldoori)
Ordered to use artillery and helicopters for bombing the village and its neighbors,
The lake of ammunition leaded to retreat of resistant inside neighbor orchards.
This resulted in martyrdom of some youth from the village and its neighbors; others were arrested and steered to (Almahaweel) camp (whereas no one knows any thing about them), the criminals won the small village, then they swept the orchards and pulled out palms trees, so they arrested every one they see him in roads.
The years have passed patiently and pain, each house has given a martyr or more,
Till the order of God came and eliminated the throne of tyrants,
Babil people have discovered this big crime against innocents in mass graves located in province sides,
Almazdia people found their martyrs in (Almahaweel) mass grave
Today every one passes on the village says (this is martyrs village)……….

By: Shafeeq Al Basri