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Painful memories with the Baath Party infidel .. Tell daughter of martyr.

Begin the painful memories and I'm trying hard to forget, starting when I was in the prime of life, as I was then nearly 11-year-old, where I grew up in a family committed to a numbering 11 people, 6 girls and 5 boys with my mother and my father, my father a father struggling compassionate who could to manage this large family, who insisted that everyone of their members to a university degree, whether male or female, no difference was important to complete the study and excellence. was working at the Shatt al-Arab hotel in Basra.
my serial number 11 in the family and the youngest daughter I was pampered in my family till the farthest limits. In that time we live in the area of Basra and the neighbor calls us "House of intellectuals" example for the concentrating family , the laughter fills the house at all times, day of Ramadan in particular had a breakfast special memories with distinctive sweet and which Mahibs play the specter of grief hangs suddenly, when one of my brothers serial nr 4, (Zaki) he is working in the field of oil Bazargan in alemar hold a gun , came to my father and told him he was chased by the henchmen of Saddam and all his friends had been arrested, and he would be held in any moment.
He said these words, and returned to its place of business in the province of Amara, the whole family has been in constant anxiety and tension, and after about a week the door knocking, Tariq was one of his friends where he was to tell us that my brother had been arrested on charges of helping the underprivileged families who executed Saddam dreaded.
Severe grief to the whole house and the laughter turned to groans and groans, tears, especially mother and unrelenting that the parent who tries to conceal his grief and hard to demonstrate to all that he's coherent, but to no avail scores facial sadness evident in his face.

Arrested my brother and cut us all to know how to tell him, one day after nearly two months, people came to us and it seemed extreme fear and asked about my father and the father met his hand and caught a small snippet of the paper and went quickly, was that clip is a short message from my brother arrested wrote that he had very happy and he tells us patience and asked my father to be a prophet of God Jacob, peace be upon him patience and calculated, and asked my mother to be for peace strongly bear the misfortunes, and urged the brothers to be patient.
These words were prophesied about something, what .. No one knows.

After about six months of his detention came to us one of Saddam's security men, and told my father to come and meet my brother.
Much joy and thanking God and said that things are on their way to a breakthrough, and be ready to go and we all wanted to go, and took the time to cry because they did not take me with them and they told me that our numbers are large and definitely later we will take you.

When they arrived there they came from my brother behind bars and if the tiny yellow face of severe torture, but by the last summit of cohesion is trying hard to understand all he was fine and told them that he was happy and laughter in his face and do his best to be in good condition and asked a bout every body .
After about two weeks, knocked on the door one of the security men, much joy and said, God willing, this new date for the face.

Asked my father and said a few words and leaves, my father enter and dazed and clear on his face but did not speak to any one , and after many Inevitably, he said , they asked him to come to Baghdad.
my father did not say it real to us, the truth was that the security man asked my father to come to the forensic medicine in Baghdad to receive the body of my brother.

In time my father went with one of my brothers, and was working as major in the police and he had courage was of the view previously job, went to the Baghdad – to the legal medical they found my brother body and was apparent signs of torture, but the smile was a martyr lips and buried him at al najif, asked them to security officer not to establish consolation to him and not the consequence will be the consequences for the family.
My father and brother returned to Basra after the burial, everything is pure body which signifies the great misfortune despite trying to hide the truth from us, father, who turned the shock to the structure of human to human no word with anyone, keeping away and everyone in the room and does not allow anyone to enter it, and my brother which we think that most of us courage and hardness collapsed completely and has returned to his home where he was married then.
my mother no one told her She felt that her son may or injury was hated mourn day and night.

This situation continued and the family are all reeling and the father is still on his case, enter the eating tray to his room and take it out as they are, one can enter and talk to him only one of my sisters is No. 2 among the 6 sisters, "Samira" and was married to a man very religious and I will mention the story of her martyrdom and her husband the time that, God willing, the only one that allowed my father and her husband to enter his room and talk to him I learned it one way or another that my brother had been martyred.

When the day approached aside their brother martyr and my father told us that we all prepare for going to visit Abi Abdullah Hussein (AS), had rented the car for us and, after we got there we had a ceremony of the visit, rather than go back to our home in Basra if the car taking us to the cemetery in Najaf, seemed to cry and scream above where we were all aware that my brother was killed and no hope reversing again.

From this point, the misery of the real family, the family has been affected greatly especially younger brothers who look like Shahid Zaki in their actions and high morals, and my brothers are small among the males and 17 years old fakhri and most of it not the age of 19 years (Bashir) has been arrested them in my brother's life during their journey to the martyr of Najaf and Karbala with a group of their friends for the purpose of the visit and the first interview Mr. Shahid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr (Kdh) and remained in detention for almost two months tell the days of living in the prison and how they show them different colors in agony and did not leave something to offend them and only them, the bite by electric to hung for days to extinguish the cigarette in their bodies etc .... But at the same time they say we are very happy and spiritual atmosphere was beyond the border and we feel we are very close to God.

We feel when we hear the talk that they are not like us, there are things never to understood we possess, they do not hold any life, never often wonder when we see them nostalgic for those days.
These are the breeding-Hussein (p) has energized from his knowledge and ethics and graduated from the School of sacrifice and redemption after have won the highest marks.
One day my brother came to my mother and gave here a cassette for poplar song please mam remember me when you saw wedding party he want us to remember him in any case also that is a story happened during al taff bottle to al qassem
And what only a few days so the door may be a friend of my brother (Bashir) to tell us that my brother had been arrested by security men and told us the incident: say we were sitting in the library studying in preparation for the baccalaureate exams, and if two men are moving towards us and said we want you Bashir just five minutes.

Bashir did not come back to us and we don’t know what happened to him, after the fall of Saddam's regime his name was found in mass graves.

After about six months of the arrest of Bashir and exactly on Sunday, 5/10/1980 have been a disaster for this family were shaken from the depths, came to us two married sisters, our guests and are No. 3 (um Haidar) and 4 (um Akram) among the six sisters with their children about ten am and surprise that we did not see with them sister No. 5 (Leila), which four years older than me was the night before had gone to the house of my sister married (Um Akram) to spend the night there , we asked her what she said that the following are visited yesterday morning and the afternoon, told her that she is going to sewing with her friends to take her clothes and then return home to my family, and she thought it was my sister while we thought my sister, and so disappeared for Laila.
While we so surprise and confusion was instructed by my mother to go to the house of her friend to ask for it has been their home away somewhat from our house so I quickly run and Maan arrived until I found um jwad (or a friend my sister) and scratching her face and crying and I asked her what she said that her two daughters came out of yesterday afternoon were no longer their father has gone to the hospital to ask them.

Return faster House was terrified and I felt that something great had happened, and after my arrival, so he told them that my brother fakhri and said I'm going to Ask them in the hospital, and my brother went.
In the meantime, we are confused and at about 12 o'clock the house was raided by 15 person from the People's Army and security, where heavily armed but did not knock on the door but with his foot and kicked one of them opened, and frightening, and were surprised at this attitude, as we are without a headscarf, was speeding and ran I was just about 11 years and you've just wore the head cover, I ran to fetch the veil and was one of the Davenports فسحبه me one of them by force and threw him to the ground.
Scared and hid behind my mother, and if one of them shouting Wayne (Laila) and we do not know an answer said Lamy Landry At the moment, bringing us all the security men and I were sisters and two are my mother and father and the son of my brother who grew up with us and he was then 7 years and at the same time, the in the garden of our house overlooking the inner door of the house big brother newly married security men, one door and open it and went with five men and took my brother and his pregnant wife and was in the seventh month of pregnancy time.
they collect us and we were 7 people with 3 children and two nephew and two children on behalf of one of my sisters (Akram and Amir 6 months).
Led us to a large car was parked at the top of the street, the top in the wild, shouting quickly quickly and neighbors look on us eyes filled with tears and fear in the same time.

We went up to the car, leaving behind our house lawmaker doors have remained two of the security, and their intent was to stay for the work of an ambush to catch everyone who comes to the house.
We went to the car and saw a family friend of my sister (the family of Abu Haidar) has brought them for the same reason after the arrest of two daughters (Hana, Haifa) with my sister Leila, who's family consists of mother, father and son (Baker) 14 years old and Abbas almost 3 years old and had been arrested by 2 of their children (Haidar and his brother are study in Faculty of Medicine as I remember that their mother inform me
The car drove us to a friend's house the second sister (hause um jawad) after the arrest of two daughters (najat and siham), and did them just as they did us and took everyone from his house and inter in the car.
they send us we the to three families to Security Directorate of Basra security….security…apart of the hell

it look like a building and garage In fact,
What hide is grater security took all the houses that surround the Security Directorate was attached to the Directorate, so that any car that passes in this region is stopped at a considerable distance and prevent them from entering the area.

They took us and that was about one in the afternoon, we sat in the queries, and counted our numbers and our names and then took the youth from us and my brother were great charity (from our family) after it searched and stripped of all (hour and a marriage rang and the amount of money and personal item) and bind him back and tie his eyes and we look after him and tears silently and heart wrenching fear that this will be the last time we see them, and took Baker (of the family of Abu Haidar), and we stayed together women, children and parents.

We stayed at about eight o'clock pm, we don’t know what will happen to us, the children started screaming, the severity of hunger, and my nephew,. (amir 6 months) needs to linen, and pregnant women (my sister pregnant for two months) and the wife of my brother (for seven months pregnant)) started crying from the length of wait and sit not allow for the movement.
After about eight o'clock at night my brother come back to us he was amazed they took us took us to the garage Supplement inquiries from behind a car parked there opened the door to another color of the wall until the viewer think that the wall itself has defected to us overlooking the whole city, many buildings close together they put us in upstairs we saw along the peace youth handcuffed to a fence peace with their hands from behind and stick their eyes and others tied their hands back and tight eyes and lying on the ground, trying to find out they way they looked unconscious to them the severity of the torture, and we are looking at them in panic and security shouting Us Go up fast speeds ...
They put in a large room rather what we are three families and after we settled in the room, everyone started to cry. Each and every one of us is what is happening in front of a certified, kids are starving, some of them wanted to go to the bathroom and nothing but the moment came up and shouted one of the solder what is this sounds? my father told him the children are hungry., and loudly from where I bring them eat, let them sleep," my father replied, "At least them going to the bathroom."
Went and told the responsible and came back and allowance for us to go to the bathrooms one after one one, only 5 minutes for each one. The bathrooms is a dark stinky place, this to the security man comes and spark of the match to show you where you are finished , and confounded by yourself.
We spent that night as if full year, , , slept all on the earth, and all of us put his sandals under his head, and it became the second time around at night until we heard the screams of prisoners from all sides, they torture and ill-Iswmunhm if us hear the voices of women tortured, screaming and one scream, help me mother the sound is for Leila.. Yes I know her voice and tears and cried all blistered eyelids and the magnitude of the catastrophe, and to see when I see the face of my father what do I do to my sweet doughtier I see heir under the savage hand , which did not exceed the fifteen-year-old between the fierce monsters to pick a does not have a sense and undermined, I remembered the time the position of Imam Hussein (AS) in an incident when he heard screaming nicer women and children set on fire after the women in tents, and make sure I have a saying "Every day of Ashura and Every land is Karbala," and an hour before dawn calmed down after the vote that melted our hearts The criminals had deliberately ears to their voices. If my brother asked us to examine our pockets We women usually hold a prayer in our pocket my mother carrying a message of my brother Shahid Zaki, who sent to us before his death as I said, , so we cut it into small pieces and distributed to all of us to swallow it what remains of them,., no one sleep that night till the sunshine.