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Bloody years, first season

The bloody years from (Aflaq) period
The fate of who commercialized our blood
1937 the criminal Sadam was born, in 28 April as it is declared, (he has declared his birthday in 1980), from prostitute mother and rude and illiterate father in (Al Oja) village, this is a description of prostitute.
1956 or 1957 he has joined Al Baath party which is headed by (Aflaq), the meaning of (Aflaq) is (big vulva)
1959 was his first contact with (), (see United Press International, April 10. 2003) the report is available in English
In 7 October 1959 he participated in assassination attempt to kill the leader (Abdul Kareem Qasim), exclusive he run away to Syria because of his excessive cowardice while his colleagues remained in Iraq, they were six members of ( central intelligence of America)
1963 was a soldier in guards of the criminal (Ahmed Hassan Albakir) when Al Baath party took authority by force
1964 February Michele Aflaq nominated him to the membership of national leadership of Baath party.
1968 17 July the criminal party took the authority again by force in coup,
1968 30 July Sadam fired his Prime Minister (Abdul Razaq Alnife) and has killed him in London later.
1968 Sadam supervised on the killing of Doctor Fatima Al Kharsan in her clinic,
1969 in 27 January killed (Abdul Kareem Mustafa Nasrat) the leader of 1963 coup.
1969 narrowed on (Religion guidance) and complain Mr. Mahdi Al hakeem and issued arresting command
In same year arrested and tortured the writer of this story in Al Kufa prison.
1970 he ordered with his colleague (Al Bakir) to displace thousands of Iraqi families to Iran.
1970 in 15 October he killed (Hardan Abdul Ghafar Al Tekriti) the minister of defense
1971 in 1/12 the group of Jabir Hasan Hadad, Rahi Abdul Wahid Sukir, and Abdul Ghani Shandala has been executed
1971 the displacement attacks continued
1971 September, Sadam tried to kill Mulla Mustafa AlBarazani and Najat AlMulla, at same month he killed religion's men and Islamic thinker Mr. Abdul Sahib Dikheel was dissolved in acid pool
At same year, communist party has carried the responsibility of Baath crimes, by entering in bloc against Islamic and other opposites,
1972 as a result of that, Baath and Soviet signed amity agreement
1972 Baath regime tried to assassinate Mr. Muhammed Baqir Alhakeem and Colonel Husain Sherwanui
1973 the execution of two Officers Saleem Mijual, Khalaf Jasim, and student Talat Saady Haleem
1974 march he eliminated the city of Qalat Diza and killed thousands people from Kurds
1974 July he arrested the martyr Arif AlBasri and Qabtha Alhuda and executed the martyr in 5/12 and the officer Abdul Lateef Albarazanchi
1975 in 6 march Sadam and the Shah of Iran signed the agreement to expel Kurds resistance
1975 July he arrested around 100 religion men in Najaf
1975 in November he arrested 1250 from Najaf and Karbala scientists
1976 he killed thousands of Kurds like Arslan Baiz Aziz and Salah Majeed Qadir
1976 he issued an order to execute every one joins another party not Baath
1977 in 22 February he arrested thousands of Najaf people including Me Muhammed Baqir Alhakeem and executed some of them like Mr. Abdul Wahab Talqani that they pulled out his eyes and arrested his wife
1978 he executed big group of militaries including Officer Juameer Siameer and the soldier Jafar Abdullah, so the Turkman martyr Mrs. Enor Hameed Mustafa
1979 17 July, Sadam received the authority in Iraq by force
He killed his colleagues Muhammed Aish, Ghanim Abdul Jaleel, Adnan Alhamdani (pulled out his eye), and Abdul Khaliq Alsamaraee
1979 8/9 April he executed the martyr Muhammed Baqir Alsadr and his sister Amina Alsadr has lost in one of mass graves
1980 17 September Sadam he disrupted Algiers agreement with Iran
1980 his corrupted army began the with Iran by order from U.S.A and personal recommendation from Mr. Jorge Brown
1980 in 17/3 he executed 86 Islamic men without court
1980 in 31/3 he issued the law to execute thinkers
1980 April he arrested Mr. Muhammed Sadiq Alqizwini
1980 Sadam ministry of interior issued its order number 2884 to displace Sheea to Iran.