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Of the victims of Saddam's brutality - the story of, Rajaa Yohana Sabios

To my children and my brothers in the Popular Movement for the de-Baathification that you publish my story, please, in order to understand those who defend Saddam, to what extent disregard of human dignity in this country which his Baath iron and fire.
I'm a doctor born in 1943 working women's clinic, known Crown Victory Square in Baghdad was not interested in politics and do not care the social relations and in particular of women (I mean, women's friendships outside of the relatives) have been accustomed to this life which is like a routine and I started live the life of my patients and their pain as well to my journey out of the country for scientific conferences.
In one night the winter of 1983 came to me three women envoys from Mrs. wife of the President of the Republic (the offender zero) and asked me to go to the wife of the president's important, I did not dream of one day to call for me the wife of the President of the Republic, I wished died before this call for me ignorant reckless, as usual in calls to the presidents that you can not refuse you the right to ask why, and give you time, but must go, immediately, and it did happen to me exactly.
I went to the home campus of the President and waited in a large hall with very nice beauty even figure inside it like to live moments of imagination and the days of a thousand nights and night.
After ten minutes came the campus president and with a little girl aged approximately 16 years and two women accompanying them, we sat down and began asking me about my work and common diseases among women and is also speaking of certain things their own health, and then told me that she sent me to find a solution to the problem of girl, I told her what her problem? Please ... said that you work with a process for restoring virginity, I told her that these operations are not allowed to take place in Iraq, said it is a forbidden! Is not the State in which my husband president?!
I said, I did not mean anything, Madam, but I hope to be licenses in order to not fall into the pitfall of law.
She said: I say you work in order to process and you discuss with me? ... Who are you to talk to me about law? Process will take place tomorrow and your feet upon your neck. What a ... the interview ended.
I returned to my house for an interview psychologically tired of others politely that God has for me with this woman senseless, so I did not go to the clinic, and told my husband the details of what happened and advised me that I will finish the process and subject, and the next morning, three men came to me into the house and ordered me to go immediately to the wife of the President and nothing but tens minutes spent in preparedness, and went out with them in their car, they refused to go up in my own car, and we went to the campus where the president and this time was entered me the room and even stood in the corridor outside and waited standing on my feet for more than an hour and a half, and what President's wife and left her daughter and another woman and two great age of her escort, and took us to a charitable hospital located in central Baghdad, and there we went to the operating room, which had been processed by a worker from the hospital, Dr. (b. h) had been created me all the requirements of the process, according to his medical expertise Before that he asked the driver what if you need nurses, I told him I need only two nurses in the operating room has been some tests and asked the patient her name stated to me her full name, then I learned she is the daughter of one of the important partners in the leadership of the country, and when completed the process, took sick to a room to rest, and remained in the hospital the next day to check on the health of the patient on this day, I spent my time in her room did not contact anyone in the hospital and the old woman was found with me all the time, guards outside the room and the tenth time the next morning I told them you can go to home, they went and I went to my home and at the fifth afternoon of the same day the same car came to me and ordered me to go with them transport me to the women's prison in Kadhimiya, and there it was waiting for me one of the women I've seen with the President's wife and took me to a room and said to me: By what right are you asking the girl her name At the time of the operation? I told her this routine work to complete the sheet that contains the name field for each patient we have surgery.
She said, I said firstly for Uday's mother I see others what I saw you was contending law and official approvals, but what can I do for her obstinacy.
I told her nothing happened now; I apologize for this reason that disturbs you. She said mockingly not as you imagine easily.
Then entered the three women police officers and hung me from my feet to the ceiling, and I'm shouting and invoked with secretary of the wife of President but to no avail where as she said shut up for me, these orders of UDay's mother and subjected to beatings, only God knows the intensity to disobey more than a magnitude over my body and became hung me to the ceiling of each meeting tortured, subjected to beatings, four times a day, but do not let me faint, I became pretending to faint on the third day after several blows, to be saved from torturing me. Then they took me down and took me to a room unilateral suspension stayed seven days in the room was my neighbor, the wife of one of the ministers who were executed by Saddam told me that it suspended in this space for more than two years in addition to her son, to learn nothing about him in the room next to me on the right, university professor from the University of Basra, the poor was being humiliated and beaten down and had told me about the Iraqi representative was suspended in the same spatial has emerged after three months of incommunicado detention and also told me about the execution of a woman of the house of Nuri or alnur on where they killed the prevention of food and drink them for poor month she died of starvation and another woman from the Jabour tribe, is the wife of a rebel military leaders of Saddam sentenced to death by hanging.
They bring us food under the door and stayed in that room so cold in the winter cold for a whole week, then took me to the investigation, and there I found a secretary has denied the President waiting for me, where the secretary told me that Uday,s mother had pardoned me and now will send me back home, after we left the car and sat down beside me a woman from the footnote to the campus president, was a Christian from Kirkuk and what I learned Christian said to me in a whisper: Never remember what happened, and try to forget everything, because anything which said flags of possible lead to your execution because the issue was caused by Qusay and daughter also as you knew is the daughter of who?! .... Remember, beware that something so my advice is beware to say that to anyone.
After this I told my husband and my brothers and sisters that I want to travel outside Iraq will not remain in this country at all.
When unable to get out on his way out of Iraq my husband told me to be patient until get chance that a scientific conference or send the them do not go back and actually stayed to ten months after getting the opportunity during my visit to the state of West Germany, where I came to send to buy modern medical equipment, on the day first, from my arrival to the city of München (Munich) tried to escape but I could not so I went back to Iraq and moved to the city far from Baghdad, and continued my work to this day.
These are the practices of the Baath regime in Iraq buried lay it down for the world to forgive us.... We can not forget the crimes of these savages will not accept return or reconciliation with them and understand the decision-makers that this is the talk of millions who where suffering.