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Mr. Kazem Aoued meets with the parliamentary Martyrs and Prisoners Committee

The vice president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mr. Kazem Aoued Massoud, met with the Martyrs and Prisoners Committee in the House of Representatives. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Committee of Martyrs and Prisoners of Parliament Dr. Khalaf Abdul Samad Khalaf. In the presence of Committee members, members of the state Shura Council and director of the legal Department of the Foundation Mr. Aziz Saddam.

During the meeting, a number of issues were discussed, foremost , which was the promulgation of Law No. 2 of 2016. In order to solve the problems related to the implementation of the law.  A deadline of two months has been set for the implementation of the law. Financial benefits for the martyrs ' People and the financial status of the foundation were also discussed.

In addition to, discussing ways to develop media aspects to meet the challenges and the hostile media. By the gangs of the Baath and terrorism and develop, it in a way that achieves the objectives of the institution.