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The AL-Shuhadaa Foundation delegation visits the Hajj authority

The delegation of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, headed by the Director General of the Department of Martyrs Victims of Baath Party crimes, visited the Hajj and Umrah Commission. For the purpose of discussing new mechanisms for the next pilgrimage season of 2019. In order to ensure the facilitation of services for the Pilgrims of the House of God.

Especially the elderly and disabled persons and the Foundation of transactions of pilgrims with martyrs. The delegation included the head of the Social welfare Section, Ms. Khend Muhan and member of the Hajj committee, Mr. Hamed.

In conclusion, AL-Shuhadaa Foundation is constantly working to increase the number of Hajj seats. Each year so that the highest number of martyr's families can perform the Hajj rituals.