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AL-Shuhadaa Foundation participates in the Iraqi inventor's conference

Directed by the President of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari to honor the creators of martyrs and follow them attended the Director of relations and media department Dr. Ahmed Al-jerah.

The third annual conference of the Iraqi inventor, which guarantees the patents of a number of Iraqi innovators. Under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi and under the slogan (Science, creativity and innovation advance the homelands).

The Conference included the participation of the researcher of the Martyrs, Dr. Wafa Al-Humaidi specialized in microbiology, which provided scientific innovation. In the field of medicine represented in a vaccine for altafued disease.
AL-Shuhadaa Foundation continuously seeks to support all Iraqi energies from martyrs in all fields.