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Director General of Terrorism Victims Department receives creativity and excellence shield

Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi, director general of the Martyrs ' Victims Department, received a delegation from Al-Kaward tribes in Baghdad, central and south, under the chairmanship of Sheikh Hakim Ai Rahim Nnafji.

During the meeting, Mr Tariq has discussed the Law on AL-Shuhadaa Foundation and the rights provided for in the law.

In turn, he thanked the Secretary-General for the follow-up and communication with all the community segments in all governorates. However, the efforts made to serve t martyr's families and the wounded  persons for their sacrifices.

In addition to, Sheikh al-Qarqara presented a shield of creativity and excellence to Mr. Director General. In appreciation of the efforts made to care for the relatives of the martyrs to receive their entitlement as stipulated by the law.